As patients stroll through Dr. Richard Leggett’s office, the portraits of his family reflect his goal to keep families in the Crossroads healthy.

“We want to provide good, confidential care for families and preventative care to make sure people get the studies and the things they need to get done to help prevent illnesses,” he said.

Dr. Richard Leggett comes from a long line of doctors. His grandfather and his great-grandfather also practiced medicine.

“I liked science and always thought it would be neat to go into medicine,” he said.

The Houston native was raised in Victoria, where he decided to open his family practice in 2000. Leggett provides general health care to people ages 2 and up and families.

The family doctor said that while there are good and bad times in practicing medicine, the overall objective is to support patients the best he can.

“We can provide some clarity and comfort during difficult times. I feel that is our calling; that’s what we try to do,” he said.

Outside the office, Dr. Richard Leggett enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his family and taking dancing lessons with his wife.

Advocate readers voted Leggett this year’s best family doctor.

“I feel very rewarded to come to my hometown and be able to provide a service that people enjoy,” he said.

Leggett credits the dedicated employees and staff at his practice for the recognition, including a nurse practitioner and physician assistant who also sees patients.

“To say that we are the best in the community shows that I have a great team of people to work with,” Leggett said. “Without us working together as a team to provide the best patient care that we can, this wouldn’t be possible.”